Cramped to Contemporary Ensuite

Our client was looking for better use of space in their master ensuite with a wow factor.  They requested a clean fresh contemporary look and wanted the room to be easy to maintain; have some good storage and still wanted to have a bath with the a shower.



In bathrooms we often find that a change of door position can make all the difference and this was the case in this room. We offered various alternatives but the selected design relied on a door move.

Moving the door meant room for a large straight and wide bath to be installed leaving direct access to the soil pipe for the WC to drain straight into and also the basin. We centered the bath on the width of the room padding out the foot end of bath wall to create some feature recesses, one for access while bathing, the other while showering, this left ample room when lying in the bath. We installed a diverter tap module to rear ledge which controlled the overflow filler on the bath and the shower for easy access for switching on and off the desired fitting.  The two panel screen folds out to give big splash protection but folds back flat to the wall when not in use.

A feature illuminated bulkhead above a large mirror to accentuate and give the feel of more space.  The cistern was enclosed making cleaning easier.  A mix of tiled walls  and areas of plastered walls so that a bold accent colour could be used (dark grey) are a very attractive look and give the opportunity for other tones in the future if necessary. The door move also improved the bedroom layout regarding the position of freestanding furniture – an added bonus.  The wall mounted radiator at the end of the bath means a warm towel is at hand after showering or bathing. Our customer was thrilled with the finished room and have recommended our services to family and friends since.